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Dear Frank,

The nature of my spectral existence is such that I’m doomed to preside as conductor over the same train crash for all eternity.  However, I’ve recently encountered a remarkable boy who loves trains, and I was thinking of handing the job over to him.  As the funding for ghost transit has dropped dramatically over the past century, the position would be unpaid, of course.  Further, I would have to murder him.  But I believe it would be excellent experience, and it’d be quite a load off my soul to finally be free of this horrific crash.  How should I approach the boy with my offer, so as not to scare him?


Ghost Conductor

* * *

Dear Conductor,

Don’t worry about scaring the boy.  If there’s anything boys love more than trains, it’s magic.  It sounds like you’re operating on train magic—and that’s the most powerful kind.  Plus, in this economy, the boy will likely be quite relieved to pick up anything that could bulk up his resume.  At this point in his career, things like pay and lifeforce are not nearly as relevant as simply gaining connections.



  • 6 October 2012
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