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Dear Frank,

I used to think movies were just projections on a screen. But that was before Nosferatu stepped out:

He is murdering everyone, and I am worried the township will blame our fledgling theater. How is this scientifically possible?

Help Please,

Film Geek

* * *

Dear Film Geek,

Seriously: rookie mistake. The scenes depicted on movies and television are real phenomena, and the screens that display them are notoriously permeable. You might just be watching television, when suddenly a spooky clown hand pops out:

Or maybe you’re admiring yourself in the mirror, when suddenly a ghost stops in to say hi:

Which, I mean, duh, mirrors.

Ghouls also tend to be partial to doors:

And even one of those Beetlejuice chalk doors will do:

In fact, there’s hardly any surface that a monster won’t jump out of:

Given this, it seems unreasonable for the town to blame your movie theater should a single demon happen to be let loose through its screens. Most towns are literally covered in surfaces. If the demons come, it’s really their own fault.

Hope this helps,


  • 7 October 2012