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Dear Tucker,

My dad’s a workaholic—which is weird, since he’s a fireman.  My mom’s a doctor, and we see her all the time.  Sometimes I feel like my dad works so much just to avoid having to spend time with us.  Maybe it’s the reason he and my mom split up.  I try to do things to get him to notice me, like how I gave him a nose ring for his birthday.  But something always comes up to distract him, and it’s usually more important than me.  Will I have to fall into an irreversible path of self-destruction before he starts spending time with me?


Queen of the Invisible

* * *

Dear Invisible,

It sounds like your father has a death wish.  Did you know that a fire lives, dies, and thinks?  When a firefighter kills a fire, the ghost of the fire comes back seeking revenge, seeking to pull the man responsible into its world of eternal flames.  It’s only a matter of time before your father is taken.

By comparison, the drug abuse and promiscuity of a teenage girl would seem fairly tame, and these things are unlikely to capture his attention.  You might attempt to summon a fire ghost—such ghosts can reach into our world if you look directly into the flame—but this may be exactly the way out your dad’s been seeking for years.

Given that your dad won’t be of this world much longer, I would consider seeking the approval of your mother.  I’m sure she’s been distant since the divorce, and the things it would take to get the attention of a doctor—e.g. academic success—are more likely to bode well for your future than what you’d need to do to reach your father.

Hope this helps,


  • 17 October 2012
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