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Dear David,

Ricky’s dead.  So imagine my surprise when he lent me his bicycle to save my brother from a similar death.  The bicycle was shiny and red—the very bicycle that accompanied Ricky to his watery grave.  Unfortunately, after I saved my brother, I found that Ricky’s bike was all twisted up and rusty:

I can’t return it to him like this, and he’ll know if I replace it.  Which is kind of a disaster, because Ricky’s been haunting me for literally ten years, and I was hoping this would be the end of it.  But now it’s like, I not only caused his death, but I ruined his bike, too.  How will I ever rest easy?


Guilty Conscience

* * *

Dear Guilty,

Don’t replace the bike—that bike was a ghost bike.  This is a classic ghost trick.  Ricky’s dead, and nothing you can do can bring him back.  Appeasing his ghost will not bring him back. He is dead.

Hope this helps,


  • 16 October 2012