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Dear Sam,

I know everyone says this, but I’ve spent the past week uniting ghost lovers from a past era.  He was an American lieutenant in the Revolutionary War, and any ghost would obviously be lucky to have him for a lover:

In fact, I sometimes think the Revolutionary War was really the time for lovers, and I missed out by being born too late.  I’d like to take this girl from school back to the Revolutionary era so that we could kindle a love affair of our own, but I have reservations.  We are an interracial couple, and I believe we would be subjected to enormous amounts of bigotry.  Also, I do not have a time machine.  What should I do?


Dreaming My Dreams

* * *

Dear Dreamy,

I believe it would be unfair to subject your love interest to racism from the past. I know it seems like she’s “the one,” but the fact of the matter is: you’re young, and you probably don’t know what you want.  Now, in fact, may be the only time in your life when you have the freedom to simply take a semester off to explore the past.  If you start letting your love life hold you back when you’re still so young, chances are that you’ll both end up regretting it—and you’ll resent each other as a consequence.

In any event, you don’t need a time machine to go back to the past.  Haven’t you ever opened a history book?  Knowledge is magic.

With love,


  • 16 October 2012