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Dear Gary,

My little brother is the worst, and I get the impression that his bad qualities are deliberately played up to demonstrate a Big Lesson.  For example, I recently made up this ridiculous story about an evil clown doll to scare him into behaving, and now the evil clown doll is after him:

It’s clear to me that this lazy cobbling together of worn-out clichés has come to life to make the simple point that you should try to be kind to your family.  But honestly, I feel like this has all been covered—and better—elsewhere.  Is there any way to escape, subvert, or otherwise redeem this bland moral drama?

Help please,

Saintly Son

* * *

Dear Saintly,

I think you’re being hard on the writers in a way that is out of all proportion to their intents and purposes.  As a character in this moral drama, you are clearly not part of the intended audience.  Further, the “clown doll” idea may not be new, but clowns and dolls are definitely fans favorite—and it seems harsh to criticize the writers for giving the fans what they wanted.  Moreover, it sounds like the focus in this episode may not be plot but, rather, editing, art direction, and special effects.  While it must be frustrating to have to endure an exaggeratedly bratty brother, you may find your life much more enjoyable if you simply learn to evaluate it along the appropriate metrics.



  • 16 October 2012