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Dear Sam,

My brother came home from the funeral like it was any other day.  Trouble is: it was his funeral.

I am really, really embarrassed for him.  He doesn’t know he’s dead, and it was funny at first.  Like, he has no idea why my mom’s crying all the time and pretending not to see him.   And he doesn’t get why he works all the time but never receives paychecks.  I’m the only one who can see this happening, though, and so the joke’s definitely getting old.  Also, I feel like I’ve let it go on for so long that he’s going to have a Sixth Sense-style freak-out when he figures it out.

Should I come clean and release his spirit?  I feel bad.


Sassy Sister

* * *

Dear Sassy,

I know it must hurt to have lost your brother so tragically, but that’s no reason to spoil the ending of The Sixth Sense.  It’s been hovering between 100 and 200 on my Netflix queue for about two years now, but I was going to get there eventually.  I guess I’ll move on to The Village?  Or maybe I can find another filmmaker who’s good with twists.  Here’s a twist: you’re a monster.

Hope this helps,


  • 16 October 2012
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