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Dear Tucker,

I saw this awesome trick on YouTube where somebody put a rubber band around the hook on a pay phone, causing the phone on the other side to ring indefinitely:

Trouble is: pay phones barely even exist these days.  I feel like technology ruins everything.  Now everything’s all iPhones and Justin Bieber.

I miss the days when my sister could recite some bullshit urban legend just to scare me, and I couldn’t immediately Wikipedia it to see if it was true.  She’d be dressed like this:

And maybe she’d dramatically throw out a glass of green Kool-Aid while she did it:

Man, the 90’s were awesome.  Am I right?



* * *

Dear Prankster,

I know it’s tempting to get lost in nostalgia, particularly in this age of media saturation, but really: get a grip.  Pay phones?  You miss pay phones?  And regret the proliferation of easy-to-access information?  If you “miss” your sister’s jacket, it’s because it is currently fashionable in a completely mainstream way—fashion cycles through styles so frequently that fashion “nostalgia” is literally impossible.  And Kool-Aid isn’t even a 90’s thing.  I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, but you sound like a terrible prankster.  You don’t have to let go of the past necessarily, but you do need to learn how you can use your love of the 90’s in ways that keep you grounded in the present.  Prank calls are out, but have you considered cyberbullying?

Hope this helps,


  • 12 October 2012
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