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Dear Kiki,

Someone call the fashion police…

…and arrest my friend Marjorie!

Not that it’d help.  If you can’t tell from her drab color palette, she’s suffering from advanced dementia.  That’s pretty much par for the course at the retirement home my aunt runs.

I’m stuck here for the summer, and it was pretty boring at first.  There aren’t exactly a lot of kids my age around here.  It turns out, however, that the place is surrounded by beautiful hiking trails.  I even met a cute boy:

He’s a ghost, and he spends most of his time painting mysterious symbols like that on the nearby cliffs.  We’re both real outdoorsy types, and I think we’d really hit it off.  Trouble is: he’s still hung up on Marjorie.

That’s right.  Apparently, the two were in love when they were just kids, but Marjorie’s parents forced her to reject his marriage proposal.  She never got a chance to tell him how much she truly cared for him, and he died soon thereafter.  She has no idea how long he’s waited for her.

That said, I think he’d be pretty disappointed in present-day Marjorie.  Just looking at her sad gray hair…  It literally hurts my feelings.  I don’t know how she’ll be able to face death with dignity, let alone a handsome man.

Meanwhile, I am young and vibrant.  I’m no fashion “expert,” but I’m practically a Lands’ End model next to her:

Would be inappropriate if I told him how I feel?  Also, what could those mysterious symbols possibly mean?  Any help would be appreciated!


Hiking Redhead

* * *

Dear Red,

I can tell from your bangs that you’re hurting inside.  I know it can be sad to see a friend like Marjorie deteriorate like this, but that’s no reason to simply stop living.  A summer love affair might be the perfect way to get your attitude to match up with the vibrancy of your wardrobe.

And I know you think that stealing her ghost fiancé might hurt Marjorie’s feelings, but she’s had sixty years or more to go after him.  Guys like a girl who goes for what she wants.  Maybe you could be that girl for this particular ghost.

As for the symbol, I’m unfamiliar with it.  It’s either the sign of two doves mating or an omen of unspeakable evil.  In any event, it foretells a lot more than just sitting around for the rest of the summer keeping Marjorie from burning the tupperware.  And that’s a good thing!  Never forget that you’re young.



  • 11 October 2012