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Dear Kiki,

I’ve noticed you’re gay.  I’m gay, too, but I’m also a ghost. I’m primarily confined to a graveyard, except when me and my bicycle gang are out luring fresh recruits to join us in a spooky game of cemetery hide and seek—we hide in the graves!  I’ve been gay/a ghost for about twenty years now, and I’d like to start a family.  How can I meet girls?


Cissy Vernon

* * *

Dear Cissy,

Perhaps you were not privy to the Season 5 sexual tension between me and Stig?  I am not gay.

That said, Henrietta Hudson in the West Village is a great place to meet girls, as is the “Girls! Girls! Girls!” party every Wednesday at Metropolitan Bar in Williamsburg (just off the Lorimer L stop).  The latter skews younger and is primarily geared toward casual hook-ups, but it is always popular.  You never know where love will find you.



  • 8 October 2012