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Dear Gary,

The other day I was searching for an extra paintbrush in my friend’s studio when I stumbled upon her Satanic altar:

I am so embarrassed!  There wasn’t a lock, but I feel like I’ve done something wrong.  My guess is that she’s using it to trap the souls of budding artists into mystical paintbrushes—but it’s really none of my business.  She’s always nurtured my talent, and I feel bad to have betrayed her trust.  Should I come clean about having snooped around her studio without her permission, or do you think it’d be better if I just pretended it never happened?

Yours in awkwardness,

Jewel Staite

* * *

Dear Jewel Staite,

I understand that she didn’t have a lock on that cabinet, but that just means she trusts you.  It’s possible that she’s too willing to trust people, in fact, and this may be the motive as to why she is trapping so many souls into paintbrushes.  This is certainly a delicate situation.  She may need to learn that it’s unwise to leave one’s Satanic shrine out in the open like that.  However, you need to make an honest assessment of the strength of your relationship with her: do you feel it could survive such a turn?  Ideally, she will appreciate a gesture of disclosure, and your honesty will be the basis for a stronger friendship looking forward.  However, be aware that there is a very real possibility that she will use the forces of Satan against you to trap your soul into a paintbrush.  In the end, my only advice is to trust your instincts.  I hope it all works out.



  • 5 October 2012